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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

Scone Public School have staff who specialise in the teaching of STEM. We have a varitey of resources to engage children in a range of activities that encourage the engineering design process. 

Scone Public School challenge and equip students with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills to solve authentic problems for the complex world around them.

Students love learning about technology from their older peers. 

This Kindergarten class were learning about position and the Year 5 class were learning about 3D shapes. They combined their learning to design and create a city for a Bee-Bot to explore. 

Scone Public School has multiple class sets of laptops and iPads to ensure each child has access to online learning as well as computer and technology skills. 

Students have access to various STEM Challenge Days throughout the year. Students get to work with their peers to complete various challenges. 

Some of the challenges have included:

-Prevent on egg from breaking after being dropped from a height of 3 metres.

- Design an apparatus to lift a marble 30cm from the ground.

- Design a contraption to move marbles along a zip line. One group moved 1.24kg in one minute!

- Design a marble run that would allow the marble to move for as long as possible.

- Design a shelter for a farm animal. Each group were also required to design a paddock their animal would enjoy with a fence.

-Redesign the Three Little Pig’s houses using plastic straws (straw house), paddle pop sticks (stick house) and Duplo (brick house). We tested the designs against a hair dryer (our Big Bad Wolf).

- Build the Gingerbread Man a bridge to cross the river using spaghetti and masking tape.

For more information about STEM please contact our school. You can also find more infomration here on the Department website.